Posted by: citizenski | May 25, 2008

Salomon Aeromax Ti Skis 2008

Salomon Aeromax Ti Skis 2008

RS Cosworths or XR3i’s of the ski world – the Aeromax Ti’s are loud, brash, in-expensive but grippy, great fun and actually incredibly good value skis – they come in at under £300 all in.

This is a really good fun pair of skis. They provide lots of grip, a fast ride and plenty of thrills, non of it is particularly refined and they do feel somewhat “tinny” at times but then they are half the price of what skis that try to do this normally cost. Stonking for the sporty intermediate to advanced skier who loves nothing more than blasting around the reds and blacks, getting some miles under their feet and few pints at lunch. rating – 99/100

Amazing for £300, excellent and surely one of the best in their category, they ski like a pair of skis £200 more expensive – although they don’t share much of the refinement!

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon Aeromax Ti Skis 2008:

Allround sport, sporting carving skiers.


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