Posted by: citizenski | May 25, 2008

Salomon Aero X Z12 Skis 2008

Salomon Aero X Z12 Skis 2008

The Aero X enters its second year and they are still proving an excellent pair of prestige piste carvers. Having done a photoshoot on a pair of these exact skis for half a day earlier this past winter I set off with dread as I realised we were going to ski some off-piste and drop in off a cornice.

Although not built for such frolics the Aero, when the snow wasn’t too crusty, did imbibe me with confidence. They are predictably grippy, the flex is firm but not too stiff for the skis within their group and they handle beautifully on steep reds and blacks – their natural playgrounds.

The new graphic which is somewhat sleeker looks great and they do impart a feeling of a quality product. Short turns were snappy, mediums and longs smooth and the variable radius design of the Aero X works well – good advanced to expert cruisers will very much enjoy them. rating – 90/100

Beefier than you may think, sportier and more agile than you may imagine but although they look great they could still do with a little more testosterone in their mix for more aggressive skiers.

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon Aero X Z12 Skis 2008:

Advance high performance, expert carving skiers.


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