Posted by: citizenski | May 16, 2008

Volkl Chop Stick Skis 2008

Volkl Chop Stick Skis 2008

Very funky and cool looking back-country jibbers. The all-new Chop Stick’s head up Volkl’s "back-country jibbing" line.

The dimensions are mightily impressive, 148 – 128 – 148, skiing with the Chop Stick’s is like having a couple of old school water skis strapped to your hooves. Designed for fresh faced freestyle skiers who have finally found that there is life in skiing beyond the park the Chop Stick uses a hardwood core, progressive twin-tip construction and a pure symmetrical side-cut so skiing you can ski.

Along with dividing the ‘Stick’s into three flex zones to enable you to "butter" the skis, how you do this with a ski of such huge dimensions I don’t know, but I’m guessing if you’re a pro then the Chop Stick’s are probably what you’d head for in Volkl’s range if you’re looking for the biggest and most innovative ski in their range.

The manufacturer says this about the Volkl Chop Stick Skis 2008:


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