Posted by: citizenski | May 15, 2008

Volkl Polarbear Skis 2008/9

Volkl Polarbear Skis 2008/9

For the serious freerider looking to tour off into the distance for some virgin tracks or a wicked line. More and more skiers are heading off the groomed trails, especially in Europe, and the freeride terrain is getting “skied out” quicker and quicker. So for many serious enthusiasts in resorts the only way ahead is to tour/ski/randonee.

To meet the needs of a good Alpine skier with that of a ski tourer you need a ski that combines lightness, strength and a decent sidecut to give you a package that is easy to haul uphill but gives you security and thrilling ride down.

A “multi-layer woodcore” lifted over from the full-on Volkl freeride models gives you the security and punch whilst the dimensions are also going to give you the thrill of big mountain skiing, 130-94-113 sounds much more like the skis that the “guys” use in top resorts like St. Anton, Tignes or Chamonix.

So the Polarbear addresses all those issues and wraps them up in a neat package, just not so sure about the graphics and imagery, but then again if you want a ski that can tour, freeride and but a large smile on your face three hours walk away you’re probably not going to be looking at the graphics too much.

The manufacturer says this about the Volkl Polarbear Skis 2008/9:


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