Posted by: citizenski | May 15, 2008

Volkl Kuro Skis 2008

Volkl Kuro Skis 2008

Oh my god not even more fat skis! Well the Kuro takes over the mantle chez Volkl of the baddest and the fastest, their older siblings the Sumo’s having being pensioned off.

A negative camber and enormous dimensions of 164 – 132 – 139 will certainly give you something to talk about in the bar and if you are lucky enough to experience conditions worthy of such behemouths then I’d imagine you are going to float on top of the snow and not realise that there is a meter and half of the stuff for you to dive into under your feet.

On the negative camber, it definitely works, the skis are easier when travelling on firmer pistes as there is less surface, ski, contact with the snow so you experience an "effective shorter running length" whilst in the powder or slush the tips ride high and keep you up on the top.

Friends who have skied a lot on this type of ski claim that when skiing at high speed through very choppy snow there is a tendency to "tram-line" and they can get caught out if the snow has already been tracked. On perfect slopes with high-speeds, no tracks and deep powder or spring snow they are perfect.

I’ve no doubt that the Kuro skis are a great aspirational pair of skis and you will feel like a deity just standing in the lift line with such a handsome pair of boards. Practically they are not going to be much use unless you spend your entire existence either dropping out of helicopters (not in the Middle East) or in one of the better and snowier resorts in the world. Enjoy.

The manufacturer says this about the Volkl Kuro Skis 2008:


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