Posted by: citizenski | May 15, 2008

Volkl Grizzly Powerswitch Skis 2008/9

Volkl Grizzly Powerswitch Skis 2008/9

In search of skiings’ “Holy Grail”, the ultimate all-mountain ski, Volkl have produced a powerful technological tour de force with their new Grizzly.

The Grizzly’s first turns seemed a touch “lifeless” and lacked agility – but with the flick of a very stealthy “Powerswitch” from “Cruise” to “Dynamic” my Grizzly’s flashed some teeth and attacked the hill showing some real zest for fast all-terrain hooliganism.

With an 89 mm chassis and the Carbon rods integrated within the design and controlled via Volkl’s new three-way Powerswitch the Grizzly is an excellent attempt at being the best “universal” ski.

Built with strong skiers in mind, the Grizzly is neither light in your pocket or light on your feet. They are skis for powerful skiers looking for a one-ski wonder that will have you shearing arcs on ice yet floating through the powder when conditions allow.
If you like your skis to bludgeon through the crud, pound through bumps or even hammer through the powder then the Grizzly could be for you. If it is finesse and or a big mountain freeride ski that you seek look elsewhere but for a hard hitting all-terrain beast the Grizzly’s are full-on, especially when flicked over to “Power”.

The manufacturer says this about the Volkl Grizzly Powerswitch Skis 2008/9:


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