Posted by: citizenski | May 15, 2008

Volkl Cosmo Skis 2008

Volkl Cosmo Skis 2008

"Back-country Jibbing" – thus commences the spiel for Volkl’s new womens fat twin-tip, the Cosmo. A funky looking pair of boards for what was "big mountain freestyle" but like piles things move on and fashionable terms wilt into the ether as fashionable skis move on.

A wood-core wrapped in a fibreglass torsion box is strong, traditional and gives good feel. Even though most reps will always tell you that the latest "freeskis" are built using the latest and greatest technologies, the truth is they tend to be rather old school technology – sandwich constructions, glass fibre torsion boxes wrapped around some plank of wood – but that’s what works and it is the toughest in the park or hucking cliffs in the backcountry – plus as a well known British freestyler explained "it’s what the kids want."

So back to the aesthetically pleasing Cosmo – they fit the bill, have the right dimensions 130-92-112 and are made in said "rock-solid" fashion – so probably popular with girls who are younger than I now dare look at and no doubt having been crafted by Volkl’s fair hand the Cosmo’s will nail the job.

The manufacturer says this about the Volkl Cosmo Skis 2008:


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