Posted by: citizenski | May 15, 2008

Volkl Attiva Tierra Skis 2008/9

Volkl Attiva Tierra Skis 2008/9

The widest ski in Volkl’s Attiva range last year the Tierra has been superseded for expert skiers by the all-new Aurora. For advanced skiers and regular skiers looking for a versatile all-mountain ski and whom posses a good technical level then the Tierra fits a prestigious and sleek looking bill.

The rather renaissance-like 76mm in the middle is shapely but comfortable and excels in most conditions.

With a powerful XTD wood-core Light, this skis heart is lively, stable and retains lightness that save you from hours in the gym in a vain attempt to be able to flex them. The Tierras also posses fine reserves of grip, tolerance and should prove a most versatile ski for the adventurous advanced skier.

Think of Volkl’s Fuego as one would a Range Rover Sport. They are quite quick, have fine lines, handle very well in pretty much all conditions, are reasonably expensive and are best driven by women.

The manufacturer says this about the Volkl Attiva Tierra Skis 2008/9:


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