Posted by: citizenski | December 11, 2007

Tecnica Diablo Pro Race 110, Ski boots

Tecnica Diablo Pro Race 110, Ski boots

I love the Attiva Pro. It is a boot for expert women, and there are many women in the Ski Club who are capable of skiing a boot such as the Pro. Based on race boot design with a toned down flex the Attiva Pro is simple in construction, has a narrow-ish last that just cossets the foot and enables you to feel exactly what is going on with the snow.

Many professional level skiers use boots such as the Pro as the support they offer enables you to power, feather and direct your skis with the authority of senior management rather than a college-grad trainee.

The men’s model which is a lovely fit but generally aimed at racers is the Race Pro 110 – a great boot for those who are already strong off or on-piste performers.

The manufacturer says this about the Tecnica Diablo Pro Race 110, Ski boots:

100mm last is medium – narrow.

Hinged in-step catch.

Flex adjustment.

F.I.T. tongue – floating integrated tongue for superior comfort.

Attiva Pro fleece lining.

Lycra lining insert – snug, smooth fit.


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