Posted by: citizenski | December 11, 2007

Nordica Olympia SM 10 ski boots

Nordica Olympia SM 10 ski boots

Nordica’s popular Speedmachine and Olympia ranges feature medium width shells and an overt sportiness for skiers looking to ski everywhere with good dollops of performance and comfort.

Straightforward four-clips boot made livelier with extremely accommodating heat mouldable liners, plenty of room around the toe-box and the innovative use of varied Power straps. Constructed to match differing levels and weights of skier Power straps alter the characteristics of their shells to better match the target skiers’ performance.

Both Speedmachine and Olympia models feature modern convenience features, especially the HP Slide-in that allows skiers to glide their feet into the boot with ease.

The manufacturer says this about the Nordica Olympia SM 10 ski boots:

Medium last.

Comfort fit liner – heat mouldable.

HP Slide-in – easy entry/exit to the boot.

Power strap.


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