Posted by: citizenski | December 11, 2007

Head Mojo XP Ski boots

Head Mojo XP Ski boots

With “Rawhide Design” the Mojo XP’s look stunning. If you imagine a very cool Clint Eastwood clipping a pair of boots on in his Spaghetti Western days the Mojo XP would be his choice.

Head have developed the leather-look plastic for the Mojo and even though it may sound a little dubious the boot itself is based around the equally stunning and new for 2007 Raptor. The Raptors are very cleanly designed, there are no unnecessary add-ons, so they are light, precise and have a variable 110 or 100 flex.

Almost identical to the Mojo XP save for the rubberised boot board the Supershape RS are the perfect partners for the advanced to expert looking for a precise medium-lasted boot to carve some gorgeous arcs on-piste.

Aggressive expert skiers may wish for more power so go for the Raptor RS 120, they share the same last but offer a more performance and an innovative Double-Power strap and lace-up liner.

The manufacturer says this about the Head Mojo XP Ski boots:

Heads RS fit is a medium-narrow last with around 98mm over the forefoot.

Newly developed liners with floating tongues and lace systems on the higher models give the snuggest of fits and as with the majority of liners these days, superlative comfort.

Mojo XP

Raptor Supershape RS

110/ 100

Raptor 120 RS

130/ 120/ 110


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