Posted by: citizenski | December 11, 2007

Fischer MX Pro 95 Ski boots

Fischer MX Pro 95 Ski boots

Fischer’s entry-level model with the innovative Somatic construction.

Somatic or V-stance boots offer an offset shell with your toes-pointing outwards. This allows the skier to flex in a more natural way, reducing strain on joints plus improving edge grip and ski response.

A relatively soft 75 flex is good for lighter sporty intermediate skiers or novices looking for their first ski boot purchase.

A comfortable medium fitting last is mated to Fischer’s’ own Custom-moulded FFS liner that offers adequate performance and comfort at a good price point of £175 – but it is the Somatic construction that you are gunning for here.

Higher performance skiers may wish to try the ’95 model and there is the attractive Vision range for women.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer MX Pro 95 Ski boots:

Medium volume last.

A comfortable and sporty fit for the recreational-intermediate skier.


Tolerant flex.

Flex 75

Flex 95


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