Posted by: citizenski | December 11, 2007

Atomic B90 ski boots

Atomic B90 ski boots

Like a sporty GTI car the B-tech range from Atomic is sporty, a little aggressive and gets you in the mood for driving. So good intermediate skiers who manage a couple of weeks a year on-snow will be fans – especially if you have a larger volume foot.
B-techs are roomy, they have 104mm across your forefoot along with innovative features such as an offset shell, flex adjustment and Thermic pre-wiring on most models – batteries not supplied!
Recreational or fist time buyers head for the B70 or 80, move advanced skiers looking for lots of volume try the 90 or 110.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic B90 ski boots:

B80 – Flex 80
B80W – Flex 70

B90 – Flex 90
B90W – Flex 80

104mm shell.

Offset shell

Grip pads – rubber soles for comfortable and secure walking.

Thermic wiring on most models.

Recco avalanche sensor.


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