Posted by: citizenski | November 15, 2007

Salomon X3 Race Boot

random boot shot

Chris Haworth talks of his time testing the new X3 race boot –

The new Salomon X3 race boot is perhaps the most technologically advanced race boot on the market. After several seasons of testing Salomon have created a boot suited to the most modern racing technique.

The clog (lower part of the boot) measures a skimpy 93 mm across the forefoot – this is an average of 2mm narrower than many of the competitor race boots – the big difference here though is the X3’s sublime last. The form of the boot and how it is shaped to the skiers morphology is excellent and demands much less grinding or stretching in comparison to previous models – comfort without the hassle.

The cuff is also several centimetres snugger around the calf for extreme lateral accuracy and the boot feels infinitely stiffer and tauter than the outgoing X2. With four bolts running through cuff and clog plus dual canting there is plenty of room to tailor the flex and angles of the X3 – something that we haven’t had from Salomon’s top-line boot for a while.

The liner is one you may have seen around to some extent – it is the leatherette-lined cork and oil liner that Salomon has used this last couple of years – but with some tweaks such as the added use of Neoprene over the majority of the foot for a snugger fit. The tongue is also exceptional and provides great feel plus a comfortable support for your shins.

All-in-all the X3 is perhaps the finest race boot on the market for the racer. For the expert skier they are almost too much for general skiing as they are so “direct”. Think about edging on an X3 and it is done for you, they are incredibly precise, rather intolerant but a fantastic ride in the correct conditions – i.e when you’ve blue ice, some red and blue gates to hammer through and your feeling on top of your game.

5/ 5


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