Posted by: citizenski | November 15, 2007

L’Espace Killy November 2007!

Check out France for snow!

Unbelievable amounts of snow are falling across the Alps. With a forecasted 1m of snow to come this Monday 2007 could be a vintage winter in the making. Tignes, France opened today, Verbier, Switzerland this weekend and many Austrian resorts are starting to turn their lifts.

Skiing today in L’Espace Killy (Tignes/ Val d’Isere) was stunning in every respect – cold, minus 17 with wind chill raising the bar to a frost-nippy -25 degrees, fresh powder around knee deep (at least 40 cm has fallen in the last 36 hrs) and stunning blue skies.

It really did feel like the middle of January and yet the slopes were quiet, the main run all the way back to town (Tignes Val Claret) was open and winter definitely felt like it is here!

With cold weather, low wind and lots of snow forecast there seems few autumns in recent memory that would stand up against a start like this weeks snow falls. Hope to see you on the slopes soon. Chris




  1. Great blog.

    Have you tried the Elan 888 and the Fischer Watea 84.?

    I’m deciding between these two skis.

  2. Yep, the 84 is a great all-mountain ski (there should be a review online). They are playful, well-constructed and smooth. Really enjoyed them in mixed terrain on and off-piste in Saalbach, Austria. Can’t remember if I tried the 888, if you have a look through the reviews there may be one for the Elan – I did try some of the new “Wave” construction skis from Elan which are interesting but I thought needed refining a touch. My choice would be the sandwich Fischer which is similar in construction to a race ski and gives you a great on-snow “touch”, a well-damped feel at moderately high-speeds and a great all-round performer.

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