Posted by: citizenski | August 31, 2007

Indigo Carving Python Skis 2008

Indigo Carving Python Skis 2008

Based around slalom ski geometry the Indigo Python’s are available in differing finishes- all 3D though, no cheap-skating in the Indigo factory. Very powerful skis for the advanced to expert skier in the 165 length, they are a delight to use, combining the prowess of a race ski with the finesse and touch of design that Indigo are known for.

A great pair of all-mountain carvers for the advanced to expert skier looking for something a little different.

p.s. There is also a dark snake-skin effect graphic which is a touch more masculine.

The manufacturer says this about the Indigo Carving Python Skis 2008:

Sports couture.

The innate value of our products consists of our specially developed tip-to-tail woodcores which, through delicate harmony between outer glass and titanal layers set new standards in ski construction. Phenol sidewalls and nano-high speed running bases have their origin in racing, making each and every Indigo ski a piece of high-end sports equipment.

The unique combination of aesthetic minimalism and perfect workmanship is revealed in every detail. Come and discover our world.


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