Posted by: citizenski | August 29, 2007

Nordica, Dobermann, SLR, Skis, 2008

Nordica, Dobermann, SLR, Skis, 2008

Nordica’s "race stock" version of its immensely lively and grippy Pro SL XBi. This is the ski you want for racing slalom, whipping through the gates and being as aggressive and quick on your skis as possible. The Nordica range of slalom skis for the last five years have always come up with the goods and the new 2008 version doesn’t disappoint.

5/ 5 for power, grip and slalom performance.

The manufacturer says this about the Nordica, Dobermann, SLR, Skis, 2008:

Athletes, high level skiers, ski instructors who want the reference ski in slalom.



  1. Just got a new pair. Used the red marker piston plate with my old set, but being told I can mount the x-balance binding straight on these SLRs- no plate necessary. Anyone know if that is true? (Or which is better for control)

  2. I’d imagine you could mount straight onto the ski. In some respects it will be easier and certainly much lighter but then you will not achieve the same levels of grip and angle that the ski is capable of or have an even flex pattern.

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