Posted by: citizenski | August 23, 2007

Armada Pipe Cleaner skis 2008

Armada Pipe Cleaner skis 2008

The manufacturer says this about the Armada Pipe Cleaner skis 2008:

The Pipe Cleaner placed as well with the public as it did with judges under the feet of most major competition winners last season. The Pipe Cleaner resembles the AR6 by sharing many construction characteristics – Sandwich Fiberglass Laminates, ABS Sidewall Construction and Carbon Fiber Stringer. In addition, we’ve added the 2.5 impact edge for those wishing to take it out of the pipe. It differs from other skis and achieves its functional purpose in the pipe with speed from a World Cup-inspired die-cut race base and stiffer Flex Profiling on a lightweight AR Core 2. Those fortunate enough to grab a pair of the limited-production skis last season found its speed and obedient control made it an all-mountain high-performance ski as well. Limited quantities available.



  1. this aint a review, ur just copying and pasting what Armada said about the ski.

  2. The blog for the Armada Pipe Cleaner is a paste as it is not a ski as yet tested. This is highlighted by the fact that initially the piece states “the manufacturer says about this ski…”
    We do try and test as many skis as possible and give accuarate feedback. If for any reason we are not able to do so I will post the information from the manufacturer concerning that ski. Hope this helps. Many thanks, chris@skireviews.

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