Posted by: citizenski | August 23, 2007

Amplid Cholesteron Skis 2008

Amplid Cholesteron Skis 2008

The manufacturer says this about the Amplid Cholesteron Skis 2008:

Imagine two riders, skiing the opposite corners of europe. Turning in their shape concepts. What turns out is one common idea:
The Cholesterone.

Cooked raw and fat by Frenchman Mati Imbert and norwegian viking Cato Laegreid, this “ski” is meant to be jibbed in the backcountry like there is no tomorrow.

Taking off switch from huge cornices, landing switch in 3 ft. fresh, riding up tree logs for a better view, or picking up chicks just because it’s fatter than others.

:: P10 Ultralight Woodcore
:: Magma Edge Shock Absorber
:: 360° Wrap-Around Steel Edge
:: 1×8 Insert Pattern (optional)
:: Spin Tips low weight TPU spacer
:: UV Supergloss Coating
:: See through window
:: Glassfiber Light Biax
:: Doomsday Camber
:: UD Subbinding Matrix
:: Superstomp Waistbox
:: FMC Bezier Spline Sidecut
:: 22° Slanted ABS Sidewalls
:: Extruded BA 4.4 Duraspeed Base (Bonk All)
:: Shred Ready Pretuning

overall length 1840
running length 1501
tip length 193
tail length 144
tip height 60
tail height 50
tip width 145
waist width 126
tail width 141
sidecut depth 8.5
sidecut radius 33.30
camber 2
tip radius 300
tail radius 200


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