Posted by: citizenski | August 16, 2007

Lacroix, skis, Allure, titane (titanium), 2008

Lacroix, skis, Allure, titane (titanium), 2008

Wonderfully hand-crafted or highly precisely machined depending at which stage of their extensive production the Titane Allure’s are in they remain a seriously expensive and exclusive pair of all-mountain skis.
Aimed at the man who has almost everything (including a modicom of taste) the Titane’s are fashioned from a sheet of titanium layered with carbon and Kevlar the Allure Titane is aimed at the confident advanced recreational skier who loves to cruise around the groomed runs and experience a good, solid carve in virtually all-conditions.
unfortunately I have not experienced the pleasure of skiing on the Titane but lets hope that they are an interesting ride for all that money.

The manufacturer says this about the Lacroix, skis, Allure, titane (titanium), 2008:

Exceptional freecarve skis.


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