Posted by: citizenski | August 10, 2007

Stockli Laser Cross Pro 2008 Skis

Stockli Laser Cross Pro 2008 Skis

Definitely into the expert range of skis here with the Laser Cross Pro. Race-construction, aggressive-side-cut and a firm, powerful flex, the Cross Pro is aimed at the technically proficient and speedy skier.
Fitted with a Driver binding from Salomon that gives the more aggressive free-skier more control, a higher platform for increased leverage- the Cross Pro is an excellent package for the expert who wants a one ski does it all package with a good amount of sportiness thrown in.

The manufacturer says this about the Stockli Laser Cross Pro 2008 Skis:

Race orientated cross-ski for long turns on any slope conditions.

Advanced- expert

161 cm- 185 cm.



  1. I have been a ski racer for the last seven years and this is my first season that I won’t be. I am looking for an expert ski that cuts hard, but it says for long range turns. How would they handle slalom-style turns? Moguls? I have raced on Stockli’s in the past and loved them although last year I was on a lovely pair of Rossi’s as well.

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