Posted by: citizenski | August 9, 2007

K2 Factory Fujative Skis 2008

K2 Factory Fujative Skis 2008

Pure performance in the park, pipe and for doing all the latest buttering, flat-land tricks the Fujative is back, looks stunning, gets the job done purposefully and at a great price. This is one hell of a park ski for the money and K2 always do a good job of making the Fujative look stealthy and sexy. Now with a revised flex pattern underfoot, they are somewhat stiffer than the original Fujative’s for increased control in the pipe and on rails but the tip and tail are soft with lots of pop for flat-landing or kickers.

A great ski for the freestylers- 5/ 5

The manufacturer says this about the K2 Factory Fujative Skis 2008:

This park tool is built with a unique flex pattern that keeps the ski rigid underfoot for control and stability but soft toward the extremities for presses, ollies and butters. The ski also incorporates a vertical cap construction for control and durability while reducing the overall ski weight.
Dimensions: 113/85/104
Radius: 23m @ 179
Construction: Torsion Box Vertical Cap
Core: Fir
Sizes: 159, 169, 179
Features: Twin Tip, Unique Flex Pattern, Triaxial Braided Core, Vertical Cap, Tip and Tail Rivets, Dampening Layer, 3.5mm Edges


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