Posted by: citizenski | August 9, 2007

Boheme Shiva Skis 2008

Boheme Shiva Skis 2008

The Shiva is the latest and perhaps most gorgeous ski in the Boheme line-up. A ski designed for the advanced to expert piste skier or all-mountain skier who wants to cruise and carve on firm groomed runs or pop off the sides to enjoy some powder and adventurous fun. Made with typical high-quality Boheme constructions and finish the Shiva is a stunning piece of kit for the adventurous female skier who wants one pair of ski that does it all plus they absolutely look divine.

The manufacturer says this about the Boheme Shiva Skis 2008:

A quality handcrafted finish.

From the heart of the French Alps we continuously work to develop our products so that your pleasure never stops to perpetuate.

Created in 1998 by extreme sports fanatics, the Boheme brand rates impeccable from its quality and use of forst class materials (cores made from beech tree and poplar,, tri-axial fibres, carbon, kevlar and wooden veneering). Our standards are simple: a state-of-the-art fabrication, top quality products. The final touch is the wooden veneering of the skis and boards.


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