Posted by: citizenski | August 8, 2007

Head Supermojo 105 Skis 2008

Head Supermojo 105 Skis 2008

Hmmm. Not overly sold on the 105’s. Although I enjoyed the construction and they felt very fluid they felt a little wooden and not overly agile. The snow was kinda heavy, the sky overcast and underneath was a touch bumpy so I guess that it wasn’t blue skies and fresh powder. But I was still surprised by the lack of finesse and felt the ski should be easier to control and not just like riding a pair of leaden boards- in such conditions most skiers want a ski to give them the confidence to keep charging on and give them a reason to be out in the hills.
I am sure some people will really enjoy the 105 and given different conditions I may have grown to love them but on an overcast slightly heavy powder day I was looking forwards to my hot chocolate.

The manufacturer says this about the Head Supermojo 105 Skis 2008:

The ultimate Olsson backcountry twin tip tool. Flies and lands big and smooth like a Valdez eagle.: especially with the new, faster UHM C base.


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