Posted by: citizenski | August 8, 2007

Head Monster iM88 Skis 2008

Head Monster iM88 Skis 2008

What I enjoy about the 2008 Monster range are the sandwich constructions, they just feel less tinny and highten your sensation for the snow. Often a sandwich construction ski is smoother also and it is this ski snow contact that really makes an impression when skiing on the iM88.
Although they are not the carviest ski out there the 88 is a great allterrain ski with a 70/30 split to skiing in the backcountry. The flex is smooth and fluid, the ski relatively easy to turn and I love the dampening at speed. They are not too huge to handle so there are non of the motorbike moments whereby you end up travelling so fast on your skis you think oh my God how am I every going to get out of this alive.
So for the good advanced skier to expert the 88 would be a good second pair of skis for when you get some new fluff in the mountains.

The manufacturer says this about the Head Monster iM88 Skis 2008:

The real deal amoung the riders of our international freeride team, this Monster fires down any chute and smokes any bowl. New fully reinforced side-wall construction. Powder to piste ratio: 80/ 20.


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