Posted by: citizenski | August 8, 2007

Head Mojo 90 Skis 2008

Head Mojo 90 Skis 2008

Much easier to use than its bigger 103 mm sibling. The 90mm waist is still large enough for most mortals and the switch skiing a little more accessible. The constructions as Head say is "Heavy-duty" and the skis feel bomp-proof, the 103 certainly feels extremely planted in the snow. Perhaps I enjoyed this ski more because the dimensions are easier to manage on a routine basis and you don’t have to have perfect conditions in order to enjoy them or feel confident on them.
An excellent ski for the experienced Freerider/styler that would make much more sense than the 103 unless you have the pleasure of skiing throughout the season.

The manufacturer says this about the Head Mojo 90 Skis 2008:

Solid meets soft, agile meets smooth. In our opinion the best all-round park and powder ski there is. Complete with new graphics and an even faster UHM C base.


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