Posted by: citizenski | August 8, 2007

Head J.O. Pro Skis 2008

Head J.O. Pro Skis 2008

The Jon Olsson Pro Model is a fantastic looking pair of skis. the graphic is clean, simple and the model (who is rumored to be his current belle) is absolutely stunning- I just wonder whether the Health & Safety executive would approve as you may get caught catching a glimpse of Miss J.O. when you should be checking out your landing.
With a new light construction and balance point this Pro Model is stronger and better balanced for you to experiment further and with more confidence in or out of the Park.
The 77mm underfoot gives good support when hitting rails or stomping landings and the lightness gives you a sense of freedom in the air.
Stunning…girl…a very good pair of Freestyle skis for the accomplished.

The manufacturer says this about the Head J.O. Pro Skis 2008:

Just over the course of the past season both the technicality and sheer size of tricks in competition and on celluloid have taken another leap. That’s why Jon Olsson’s new Pro weapon is stronger, more agile and lighter than any ski we (or Jon) have ever made.


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