Posted by: citizenski | August 8, 2007

Dynastar Speed Omeglass Skis 2008

Dynastar Speed Omeglass Skis 2008

The Dynastar Omeglass skis revolutionised slalom skiing along with Salomon’s 3V race ski around seven or eight years ago. Short, immensely powerful and with huge reserves of grip they were simply stunning. The new Omeglass race ski from Dynastar is no less effective and is a wonderfully smooth and stable piste to race slalom ski. Ideal for the club skier, the regular expert skier and those of us who love to race around making aggressive arcs into the snow. The Speed Omeglass is one of the best all-round slalom skis o use for general piste skiing plus they are pretty nippy through the gates for a non-factory ski. Experts to pros will enjoy the Omeglass, advanced skiers may enjoy them but you’ll probably have a shock when you first clip them on!

The manufacturer says this about the Dynastar Speed Omeglass Skis 2008:

Rider Profile
For excellent skiers looking for maximum control when carving short turns.


Great edge grip
Autodrive Technology,oversized sidewalls

Precise turns
Radical sidecut, Autodrive Flex Plate

High performance
Construction adapted for carving

Excellent skiers

100% Piste

Technical Features
Autodrive Technology
Wood structure
Sandwich titanal
LGD base

cm Radius
152 11/12/2011 2015
157 2065
165 2185




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