Posted by: citizenski | August 6, 2007

Movement Kamasutra 2008

Movement Kamasutra 2008

You’ve got to hand it to Movement this season, their graphics and skis look superb and the new Kamasutra is packed with quality innovation for a great freestyle package. The out-and-out freestyle ski in the range the ‘Sutra takes off where the Joystick would have begun feeling out of its depth. With the TRAS reinforced system under the core of the ski and shrouding the edges the Kamasutra is going to be tough to break on the rails and they should prove a very durable pair of freestyle allies.
With a freestyle tuned wood-core they are light, have lots of pop but are designed to have a improved touch, "feel" on the snow- plus with 88 mm underfoot you can take them into the backcountry without much worry too.
Another excellent and innovative freestyle advanced to expert ski from Movement.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Kamasutra 2008:

The Kamasutra is our top-of-the-line expert freestyle rig. This pure freestyle ski with its totally unique feeling ride has exceptional snow “touch”Its ease and agility on snow is amazing and it has been heralded by many of the industry’s leading testers as the finest freestyle ride that you can ride- it has a profile that also makes for an off-piste weapon! Titanal reinforcements have been placed in the central parts of the ski so it radically increases the durability even with multiple hard hits. No matter what your favourite position is.


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