Posted by: citizenski | August 6, 2007

Movement Baggy 2008

Movement Baggy 2008

The Baggy is new for 2007-8 and is a fat back-country freestyle offering. Twin-tipped, 102 mm in the middle and yet a relatively short 180 cm the Baggy represents a new sort of ski, useful in the back-country, able to float in all conditions but not too long as to impair the agility needed for radical freestyle manoeuvres.
Movement even claim that it is quite useful on-piste, with its GS-like 21 m radius arcing turns, but don’t expect too much rapid edge-to-edge action with dimensions of 102 mm underfoot- probably best in the fluffy stuff to be fair.
An interesting alternative freestyle ski for the back-country pop and huck addicts.

The manufacturer says this about the Movement Baggy 2008:

One more offering in the range of the freestyle backcountry skis has joined the core line MVMT. The Baggy with 102 mm at the waist completes the range. In spite of its imposing width and its very fat appearance the Baggy offers versatile skiing characteristics. Gotta love those exclusive wood cores which are part of the versatility. We wanted to give to this ski a lot of character while preserving an approachable ski that allows skiers to carry out the most extreme tricks in the most extreme terrain. The ski is very light and the complimentary shape of the ski-tips ensures an easy and powerful initiation when releasing the rotations during the big airs. But its use on-piste is surprising because with its radius of 21 m it still likes to go from edge-to-edge without much fuss.


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