Posted by: citizenski | August 5, 2007

Volkl TIgerShark Power Switch 10 ft Kromica 2008

Volkl TIgerShark  Power Switch 10 ft Kromica 2008

Set to get you reaching deep into your pockets the all-new TigerShark 10 ft Power Switch is a stunning piece of engineering with a superlative finish. These skis are expensive but you can see and feel the quality in the top sheet, the aesthetic and finish of the actual edges and base when they are in your hands.
The 10 ft PS differs from the 12 ft in that it is narrower and so better suited to tearing around making tighter radius turns down the fall-line. This is a lively pair of skis, especially when the carbon arms are locked on with the Power Switch. Very much the top of the line in the Volkl range the Tiger 10’s are best used on the feet of expert to pro skiers- they would make a fantastic pair of teaching skis for their ability to give very precise arcs and also there impeccable balance.
Excellent all-rounders with an err to shorter turns and piste skiing- very much a ski worth trying this season and I can only imagine that other manufacturers are probably fast developing their own switch systems- even though I’d probably only ever use it about once!

5/ 5

The manufacturer says this about the Volkl TIgerShark Power Switch 10 ft Kromica 2008:

The top stars in the new skiing series- the TigerShark.

In its 10 ft version the ski has an overall slimmer side-cut and predominantly favours fast, tighter turns.


Eats everything, attacks everyone!


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