Posted by: citizenski | August 5, 2007

Volkl TigerShark 12 ft Power Switch Kromica 2008

Volkl TigerShark 12 ft Power Switch Kromica 2008

"The Daddy’s" in Volkl’s new technological tour de force the Tiger-Shark range.
On-snow the 12 ft TigerShark with the Power Switch is a fantastic allrounder for the expert to professional skier. You can really tear around in any conditions and on any terrain at pretty quick speeds and feel in complete comfort. I skied twice on this ski in totally different conditions, once on firm January pistes in Meribel where they tore into the snow and were very reassuring on the hard-pack an secondly in Saalbach, Austria in very mixed powder conditions. It was the second time that most impressed me. Thinking that they were going to be typical Volkl’s and just excellent on-piste carvers I was really surprised to find that they zipped through a dense forest in some really heavy snow conditions with the agility of a slalom ski through gates. They were easy to handle, easy to remain centred over and they seemed extremely nimble.
So a grippy, agile, nimble all-rounder that is grippy on the hard-pack, sounds great, and they are. But.
The Power Switch, the aesthetic and all the technology are they worth all the money for this is going to be one expensive pair of skis. Probably its a yes and the TigerShark in this format is a ski the expert could use throughout the season and probably rarely ever need to take anything else out of the locker. The look is something that may not impress with its bling credentials- but then most geezers who buy this ski are probably non too shy anyhow- they do look most Teutonic and racer ready. And the Power Switch, will you ever use it? Perhaps, it does make a difference and you can feel the ski stiffening for greater stability and grip on firm pistes but I think personally that I’d end up leaving it in one positions and hoping not to tear it off crossing my tails over a few months down the line.
All in all a fantastic product cosseted in the latest ski technology and immaculately finished. The 12 ft PS Kromica is the ski for the self-made man with deep pockets, a few weeks or months on the snow to spend and a good level of skiing to boot.

5/ 5 for skiing, 3.5/ 5 for aesthetics.

The manufacturer says this about the Volkl TigerShark 12 ft Power Switch Kromica 2008:

The TigerShark!
Eats everything!
Attacks everyone!

The top star in the new skiing series.

The 12 ft TigerShark is primarily configured for fast, wide curves,


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