Posted by: citizenski | July 26, 2007

Volkl Racetiger RC 2008

Volkl Racetiger RC 2008

The RC’s benefit from all Volkl’s technological know-how. They are exceptionally grippy, not too stiff for the expert but probably quite fast and a handful for the advanced skier. On medium slopes they are delightful, smooth and quick. On steeper slopes the expert will love how you can plunge down the fall-line, but for the advanced skier you may want to wash off a little speed as the RC’s like a proper race ski will want to accelerate and power you down the hill. I thoroughly enjoyed them and they feel like a smaller more versatile GS ski that love to tear around and you can still throw them around.

A good rapid package for the expert skier with a love for medium to radius turns.

4/ 5

The manufacturer says this about the Volkl Racetiger RC 2008:

Pure world cup technology is also to be found in the models SC Ti and the RC Ti. At the same time the broader geometry in comparison with the highly specialised GS and SL models give both carvers more variable use. They possess the high quality Double Grip XTD and the XTD Wood Core construction. They have strength titinal inlays for stabilized skiing at high speeds . The Racetiger SC is geared towards top skiers seeking speeds. The Racetiger SC is geared towards top skiers seeking aggressive turns with perfect grip.


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