Posted by: citizenski | July 23, 2007

Fischer Vision Zephyr Flow Flex VI 2008 skis

Fischer Vision Zephyr Flow Flex VI 2008 skis

Topping the Vision women’s line from Fischer the Zephyr’s are light but aggressive, feminine but powerful. They are aimed at the advanced to expert woman who loves to lay down some serious carves on piste. The Zephyr’s are very much shaped like a slalom ski so they are very grippy and reassuring on icy pistes, the sandwich construction really biting into firm hardpack and giving the skier lots of feedback. As it is aimed at women the ski has been lightened up somewhat so there is a light Flowflex plate which is much less dynamic than those fitted to the unisex skis, this is fine for the advanced skier and expert who doesn’t feel like working too hard- for those of you who do appreciate more race-bred performance you may want to stick with the unisex ski instead.
The Zephry non the less is a most lively pair of skis for the advanced to expert female skier and you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of control, grip, fun and exhiliration you will gain from skiing a nippy pair of skis such as these in comaprison to a pair of flatulent twin-tips.

4/ 5 Would be higher if there was a slightly beefier plate underfoot.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer Vision Zephyr Flow Flex VI 2008 skis:

Enthusiasm through performance. Impressing through fashionable style. Bringing your own personality to the slopes without sacrificing the fun factor. Less energetic skiing and easier turns thanks to a special binding construction. The unique “MYTURN” label that unites all Vision technologies under one seal of quality. Just a small selection of what you can expect from the Vision series. For female skiers who want a technology that also enables them to bring appearance and their own individual skiing style in line with each other.

For leading ladies on the slopes. The race ski for demanding and very athletic skiers who know how to turn skiing into sheer pleasure. Lively, precise and direct. With Flowflex Vision.


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