Posted by: citizenski | July 23, 2007

Fischer RX Cool Heat Rail Flex 2008

Fischer RX Cool Heat Rail Flex 2008

Sporty allrounders that perform well on-piste, not bad off-piste but are a good compromise in the fashion of a pair of Levi jeans. They do the job, are reasobaly stylish, everyone has had a pair and some keep them for a long time- others will move on though and buy a pair of PRPS. And a bit like reviewing lots of near-identical allmountain skis, or buying another pair of Levi’s (not Red Label!), this review does the job but for this reviewer I am more than happy to look for more interesting skis to clobber.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer RX Cool Heat Rail Flex 2008:

Conquer the mountain comfortably. With maximum high speed turns in all terrain. Based on World Cup technology. This means: optimum power flow to the edges despite the ski being very wide. The smoothest ride there is. Top stability for all uses and piste conditions thanks to a completely new ski concept. Just some of the most important details that make this fast-moving “bulldozer” a true all-round speed merchant both on and off-piste.

For athletic all-rounders. The universal talent combines race technology with optimum ski width. This means perfect lift and incredible agility in all conditions.


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