Posted by: citizenski | July 23, 2007

Fischer RX 6 Fire FTI Rail Flex 2008

Fischer RX 6 Fire FTI Rail Flex 2008

Slightly beefier and better suited to the aggressive intermediate or advanced skier the RX6 FTI benefits from a deep sidecut, sporty but not too intolerant flex and a tight turning 13m radius. You can’t help but carve on these skis- they are born to tear up short to medium radius carved turns. As with the majority of Fischer skis they are designed with modern technique in mind, so keep them on an edge and they are happy but skid around on them and you probably won’t feel too comfortable.

A good allround sporty piste performer.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer RX 6 Fire FTI Rail Flex 2008:

There is no limit to the skiing fun on the slopes. With a ski that transports the radical side of its master to the outside world. The smoothest ride possible and low on weight. Point-by-point compensation of natural vibrations. Top stability and ideal power transfer. Only some of many technological details that make this ski an extremely responsive fun machine and enable the skier to zip down the piste with the tightest of turns.

For sport-oriented skiing enjoyment. A ski for high speeds that feels at home on all slopes and features Power Cap and Air Carbon.


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