Posted by: citizenski | July 23, 2007

Fischer RC4 WC RC Flow Flex 2008

Fischer RC4 WC RC Flow Flex 2008

Excellent fun! Although not a true FIS GS skis the RC4 WC in this RC guise is exceptionally fluid on hardpacked snow. The Flowflex plate allows the ski to flex independently of the boot and you do experience lovely smooth arcs and good acceleration throughout the turn. The shaping of the sidecut allows for a relatively forgiving start to the turn and they feel very stable underfoot- you don’t need to be an 80 point FIS racer or less to be able to stand on these skis.
For the good advanced skier to expert they are a great introduction to GS skis and the feelings that racers experience in creating G’s when turning plus they are still rapid enough for club racing and "getting in to" Giant Slalom skiing.

An excellent package but if you are looking to race more seriously then you will need to source a pair of FIS approved race skis which are grippier, faster tougher and even more impressive- but certainly not for recreational skiing!

4/ 5

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer RC4 WC RC Flow Flex 2008:

Superior performance. Complete control over the skis. No matter what the speed. Pure racing – with professional, World Cup class equipment. Perfect edge grip. Optimum turning and manoeuvring. An intelligent construction that enables ideal power flow to the edges whenever you want. Just some of the countless challenges that perfect racing skis always have to stand up to – before the skier can put in an impressive performance.

For winners. The top model in the race series. High-end performance through World Cup technology and precise base and edge finish. Featuring the legendary Flowflex.


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