Posted by: citizenski | July 23, 2007

Fischer RC 4Race RC Rail Flex 2008

Fischer RC 4Race RC Rail Flex 2008

Fischer have invested huge amounts of money in their race skis and the RC 4 Race Carver really does feel like a well developed package. They are sublimely smooth and exceptionally grippy as a result of their Sandwich construction and they are agile and planted on the firm flat pistes. As with many skis like this they are best used on well-groomed trails and bumps are not their forte unless you have a relatively small size as they can start to feel heavy and unwieldy.
Kept on the trails though these skis are really silky and sweet, you can go for the slightly longer lengths for greater stability and longer radius or go short for rapid edge to edge action.
A great pair of skis for the aggressive advanced skier or expert who wants the grip and sensations of a race ski but without the pure performance in a particular turn radius.

4.5/ 5

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer RC 4Race RC Rail Flex 2008:

Superior performance. Complete control over the skis. No matter what the speed. Pure racing – with professional, World Cup class equipment. Perfect edge grip. Optimum turning and manoeuvring. An intelligent construction that enables ideal power flow to the edges whenever you want. Just some of the countless challenges that perfect racing skis always have to stand up to – before the skier can put in an impressive performance.

For piste professionals. The performance packed Race Carver with unique turning behaviour and an absolutely smooth ride. Features Air Carbon Titanium and World Cup Tuning


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