Posted by: citizenski | July 23, 2007

Fischer Hybrid H7 Rail Flex AC 2008

Fischer Hybrid H7 Rail Flex AC 2008

Lightweight, wide and easy. The Hybrid range from fischer is topped by the H7 but it remains true to the rest of the range with its broad sidecut,, easy turning nature, gentle flex, smooth ride at low speeds and tame nature. Slightly narrower than the otheer two moedls for a more agile feel and better grip the H7 is a ski you would buy as a recreational intermediate whereas the H3 is probablybest rented for the first week or two.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer Hybrid H7 Rail Flex AC 2008:

Always in control on the slopes. Feeling comfortable and safe. The easiest way to enjoy dynamic, agile skiing. The hybrid technology unites the best of two worlds in one ski. High-tech materials and know-how from the AMC series combined with the classic ski construction. The result: the hybrid core. It combines wood with carbon or glass fibre. The ski is light but extremely stable nevertheless. It stands for straightforward handling and increased agility. For skiers who are looking for a sleek, dynamic ski.

For the best of both worlds. The very lightweight ski that also gives you excellent torsional stiffness with its Hybrid Tech2 construction. The 73 mm waist enables dynamic, confident and easy skiing.


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