Posted by: citizenski | July 23, 2007

Fischer Hybrid H3 Rail Flex AC 2008

Fischer Hybrid H3 Rail Flex AC 2008

The new Fischer Hybrid range starts with he H3, a ski for the beginner to intermediate skier. With an extremely light construction the ski is easy to wield at low speeds, the width underfoot is broad so that you have a large and comfortable platform to build your first turns and experience your first sliding sensations. With an acute radius of 14m the H3 turns very easily whether it is skidding or starting to carve a little- in fact it is only due to the width of the ski that you are able to skid and this is very important as a learner because you don’t want to feel as though you are trapped on a rail and can’t get off. So the H3 is easy, tolerant and a new approach to learning to ski.

Worth a try if you’re just starting out or haven’t skied for a while.

The manufacturer says this about the Fischer Hybrid H3 Rail Flex AC 2008:

Always in control on the slopes. Feeling comfortable and safe. The easiest way to enjoy dynamic, agile skiing. The hybrid technology unites the best of two worlds in one ski. High-tech materials and know-how from the AMC series combined with the classic ski construction. The result: the hybrid core. It combines wood with carbon or glass fibre. The ski is light but extremely stable nevertheless. It stands for straightforward handling and increased agility. For skiers who are looking for a sleek, dynamic ski.

For newcomers. The ski with the modern 114-70-100 sidecut. Very lightweight thanks to Air Power technology. This means easy handling and great performance at the same time.


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