Posted by: citizenski | July 22, 2007

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008

Rossignol, Zenith, Z11, Mutix, 2008

A mean looking pair of skis until you rattle the plastic arms on the top and realise that the arms came free in one of last years Christmas cracker. Perhaps they want to blind you or I with this sort of tacked-on shodiness but it doesn’t do anything and will finally benefit neither manufacturer or consumer. And sadly the shape and turn-in of the Zenith Mutix are excellent and let down by the limp flex that requires a good dose of Viagra to pep it up for a sportier ride. A good intermediate or "executive" advanced skiers ski- but at this sort of money you want a little more substance and fewer plastic cup holders for your buck.

3/ 5

The manufacturer says this about the Rossignol, Zenith, Z11, Mutix, 2008:

A new Zenith with Mutix technology. One pair of skis, 2 behaviours. The interchangeable Power Arms on the Zenith Z11 modulate the power:

“Stiff”arms guarantee power and stability for high-performance on hardpack.
“Regular” arms make the skis very forgiving and easily controllable on every kind of terrain.


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