Posted by: citizenski | July 22, 2007

Rossignol Bandit B74 Women 2008

Rossignol Bandit B74 Women 2008

Attractive allrounders and the easiest ski in the Bandit range for women. The B74’s are all-mountain skis in the traditional sense, not too wide for use in the bumps, wide enough to deal with a little frsh snow and very tolerant in terms of flex to give the fair intermediate to advanced skier a smooth ride over the entire hill.

For expert skiers you may prefer something a little more suited to particular conditions or skiing styles but if you are an intermediate or advanced skier looking to remain on the groomed runs for the majority of time then the B74’s are a good choice for solid reliability and easy going friends.

The manufacturer says this about the Rossignol Bandit B74 Women 2008:

Short carved turns, grand arabesques in powder, fast on trails! Skis to dominate every situation so you can forget your preferences and change all the time. For people who want to ski the whole mountain.


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