Posted by: citizenski | July 19, 2007

Rossignol Radical RS World Cup IBOX 2008

Rossignol Radical RS World Cup IBOX 2008

Wonderfully agile and grippy race department slalom skis. Ideal for junior or senior FIS racing, club races or just training and skiing on a wicked pair of slalom skis. Technically and physically they are demanding but you do reap rewards.

For expert and pro skiers the RS’s are what you would expect, remain balanced and centred over the ski and they provide you with heaps of grip and feel on the firmest of pistes. If you find yourself over the tails then you can probably expect to have your pride and performance jettisoned rather quickly.

As opposed to the regular shop R9S or the Mutix style Rossignol skis the RS is slightly narrower profiled and therefore quicker edge-to-edge and slightly more stable at speed. The RS’s are designed for pure performance and not for cruising even in the hands of strong skiers.

Excellent slalom performance. 150 cm for juniors, 155 for women and a 165 for men.

The manufacturer says this about the Rossignol Radical RS World Cup IBOX 2008:

Derived from racing when every second counts and you win or loose by 100th of a second. The Radical rangefeatures all that is best in Rossignol techonolgy. Radical. But not unskiable!

FIS approved World Cup slalom ski.


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