Posted by: citizenski | July 19, 2007

Rossignol Radical R9S Ti Oversize

Rossignol Radical R9S Ti Oversize

Nippy little slalom skis for the advanced to expert. Deep sidecut carves with ease into hard-pack pistes, the flex is smooth and the dampening adequate. Whilst lacking the finesse and power of the RS IBOX model the R9S remains a staple of many a ski instructor for their precision, comfort and general ski-ability. You can pretty much ski the R9S anywhere over the mountain, they are nimble in bumps, comfortable at medium to high speeds in small and medium radius turns and they offer excellent hold on icy slopes.
For racing at much above mid-club level try the IBOX but for a good allround slalom performer the R9S’s are most adept.


The manufacturer says this about the Rossignol Radical R9S Ti Oversize:

An agile, powerful, balanced,, full-flow ski which releases its energy in tight turns. The sensations accelerate.


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