Posted by: citizenski | June 25, 2007

Head iXRC 1200 2008

Head, iXRC, 1200, 2008

I always look forwards and generally am not disappointed by the ride that Head’s 1200 provides on a yearly basis. The 1200 although not the most exclusive model in the XRC range tends to be the sportiest and is great at mid-to-long radius turns on firm pistes although for 2007/8 there is the Chip midel that is nigh on identical to top the range. The sandwich construction derived from the race skis always gives the 1200 impeccable manners and touch the snow. A little less active a ski than the Chip edition but nonetheless a great advanced to expert package for high-speed silky smooth piste skiing.

The manufacturer says this about the Head, iXRC, 1200, 2008:

Acceleration and handling to make your metabolism peak. The 2007 + XRC 1200 was made for expert skiers ready to challenge both the mountain and their own personal limits every time they get off the lift.


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