Posted by: citizenski | June 25, 2007

Atomic Sugar Daddy 2008

Atomic, Sugar Daddy, 2008

Atomic have introduced some lighter constructions into their Daddy range for 2007 and this really helps lighter skiers or those with less fitness to enjoy a more agile and fun experience without battling to get their skis to turn. The Sugar Daddy’s are proof of this with their B4 construction and light weight, you have the stability and feel for the snow from the B4 construction but also the ability to throw the ski around (a little) with the weight reduction. If you are going fast enough then a ski with 99mm underfoot can feel agile but if you are a confirmed potterer then you will find a ski of these dimensions a little tough going. Keep the speed up, the slopes steep and the powder deep and the Sugar daddy’s will reward you with great floatation, stability and speed in the backcountry, keep the speed low and you’ll wish you had gone to the gym a little more.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic, Sugar Daddy, 2008:

Ultra-light powder ski in B4 construction with a 99mm sidecut and impressive performance characteristics on all types of terrain.


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