Posted by: citizenski | June 25, 2007

Atomic Pimp 2008

Atomic, Pimp, 2008

With its new construction, the Pimp has a slanted sidewall construction and new core, this 2008 version should be livelier and lighter than the Pimp of old. You have 100mm+ underfoot for your backcountry forays and floatation in powder shouldn’t be an issue and you certainly have the platform for landing pretty big stomps.
As the flagship backcountry freestyle model the Pimp can do it all- either high-speed freeride or huge spinning hucks all depending on what your willing to throw yourself of or into.
The Pimp’s are very much the experts choice in the Atomic range for a versatile freestyle/ride ski- the Thug is also in sights but perhaps a little too huge to be as much fun.Girls specific freestyle skisjsjs

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic, Pimp, 2008:

Pimp says it all. With its new slanted sidewall sandwich construction and kinetic core the Pimp is the ideal equipment for kickers and powder. With its new construction whatever you put into this ski you’ll get out of it.


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