Posted by: citizenski | June 25, 2007

Atomic Nomad High Noon 2008

Atomic, Nomad, High Noon, 2008

Mid-range in the progressive and highly-versatile Nomad range. The good thing about the Nomad’s are the price/performance ratio. This is a great pair of skis with a good carving feel, they are light, easy to use, fun, grippy and they are relatively inexpensive. The only downside to them is their rather "tinny" feel at times, especially when the speed rises but if this is an issue to you then there are lots of other allmountain skis in the Atomic range that can do a great job but will just hurt the pocket a little more.

The manufacturer says this about the Atomic, Nomad, High Noon, 2008:

Extremely light, versatile ski with optimal performance characteristics on all terrain and on every type of snow. With four TFC sensors in the tip and two on the tail and Nano reinforcement between the sectors this ski is dynamic, torsion proof and easy to ride.


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