Posted by: citizenski | June 21, 2007

Salomon Thruster 2008

Salomon, Thruster, 2008, Freestyle, Advanced, Expert, Skis

The Thruster for this 2008 gets a very cool graphic courtesy of the UK’s own Jamie Strachan and they do look fantastic. The ski remains the same, they are a great allround mountain ski and you can take them absolutely anywhere. They may not be the best in any one particular department on the hill but they are probably the best allround and fun ski money can buy.
With the twin-tip they are easy for even intermediate skiers to ski, the revised core from last year helps maintain stability and liveliness for more advanced and expert skiers when travelling at speed plus they rip through bumps and have plenty of pop for the park and pipe.
If you are looking for a twin tip that does it all, freestyle, some freeride, hackin’ and jibbin around the pistes then this a sweet pair of boards.

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon, Thruster, 2008, Freestyle, Advanced, Expert, Skis:

Stomp tricks like never before.

With all our latest technologies, get ready to stomp tricks like never before with better rail contact and smoother landings. Still based around the original legend first ever New School freestyle ski 1080.
The whacked out design reflects Jamie Strachan’s view of freestyle: spontaneous and expressive.


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