Posted by: citizenski | June 21, 2007

Salomon Scarlet 2008

Salomon Scarlet 2008

Freeride for women, the Scarlet looks fantastic this year- which is always a good start as it subconsciously inspires you to enjoy your skis and skiing. Based around the Gun the Scarlet has got enough girth to battle down any crud or profound silky powder if you are fortunate enough to have such conditions.
With 96mm underfoot you have the float and the construction and feel of the skis on snow is surprisingly solid- to the extent that you do need to drive up the knots before the Scarlets start to respond.
Althought they are manufactured with an Isocell foam core they are surprisingly tough skis and you can really hammer down the slopes on them- there is a lack of feel though and they are not the smoothest of skis although they are stable.
In conclusion, a very good pair of freeride skis for the majority of advance and expert girls but if you are looking for a ski with a subtlety and a deft touch for the snow and terrain then maybe look elsewhere- but a great pair of freeride to big mountain skis given the right conditions.

The manufacturer says this about the Salomon Scarlet 2008:

take on the mountain with your feminine flare.

Collect some more unpaid speeding tickets taking on deep powder witht his fat yet light and manoeuvrable ski. The wide waist will let you rock the whole mountain. The ultra feminine graphics with a hint of sparkle reveal who you are and what you are about….


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